The New S-Class Mercedes has a 3D Display!

The New S-Class Mercedes has a 3D Display!


Enter HERE: for your chance to win a Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen plus $20,000! Use code GIVEANDGO500 for an additional 500 entries! Good luck fam! I get to take a look at the brand new S-Class Mercedes Benz in Germany. I love the key, the interior light display, the 3D dash and the lux interior. Let me know your thoughts guys xx

how nice is this all new mercedes key for the all-new s-class what’s up guys it’s supercar blondie welcome to the channel right before we start the car review i want to give you guys the chance to win a brand new g-wagon i’m partnering up with omaze they’re giving away one brand new g-wagon inclusive of taxes and shipping plus twenty thousand dollars in cash all you need to do is go to forward slash blondie it’s here on the screen right now hit up that website for your chance to win now let me show you around the car oh i love this car it’s just so iconic isn’t it when you say g wagon everyone knows what that is come on in the brand new g has this beautiful big screen in front of you it’s all one panel of glass and listen to this ready start stop oh look this whole panel lights up i’m gonna pop her in sports plus just so you guys can hear what you could be driving around in how crazy ready oh you’ve got those incredible gurgles and pops guys your chance to win a brand new g wagon inclusive taxes and shipping plus twenty thousand dollars in the boot of this car you could go win that right now head to blondie for your chance to win go for it guys go for it all right check this out guys mercedes-benz pops out and look at this key how nice is this all new mercedes key for the all-new s-class look at this interior all right you ready for this come on in look at all these lights red violet i’ve never seen such a beautiful interior honestly welcome to the supercar body channel we open this back up so you can come in and turn that back on auto now this cool material here i really like this i’ve never seen this before this is woven steel so you’ve got this all the way across the front here and it shines so brilliantly it looks gorgeous now this is your 12.3 inch display here in the center and it’s password protected look at that so this is your new interface guys and if you press on this you can actually change all of your ambient lights look at this one look at that how beautiful is this oh my goodness you can go to warmth mode for example it basically changes everything for you let’s switch on the ignition everything turns yellow orange the display and your seats start to heat up so you can choose all of these different modes that are pre-programmed and i love that oh that’s so nice what is even cooler you guys is what i see right here now this to me is a 3d map what i see right now on this screen is what you would see when you put on 3d glasses and go to a 3d movie i can’t even tell you how blown away i am by this it is insane it’s a 3d map this is ridiculous this is the all-new steering wheel as well and look how many buttons it has everywhere you’ve even got two whole different parts coming out here with full of buttons if you press this button right here it’ll go into your different displays i love the sports one look at this and if i rev this goes in and out and guys this is all 3d for me all 3d i can’t even tell you how freaking cool this is this looks like a tunnel to me i’m driving down a red sports tunnel that is crazy alice is also cool when i turn the temperature up it flashes red and then you go down a degree and it flashes blue and it goes all the way across i love that and this car has humor hey mercedes how may i help you tell me a joke sorry my engineers were german [Laughter] basically you have no sense of humor that is so good you’ve got a star projected on the floor i always really like the projections now this car is an s 500 a bit lacking in horsepower for my liking it’s zero to 105 seconds or just under five seconds let’s look at the back here look the mercedes-benz lights up here as you get in i really like that for the vip passenger press that and check out what happens this whole chair in the front moves forward now the only issue i have with this is now it pauses for a little while it takes too long for my liking what it’s now going to do is tuck this headrest down so i can move forward even more but as you can see it takes its time and then finally your fortress comes out after about i don’t know what was that maybe a 30 second wait i love that that can fold forward because of course it means that you can get way more space here in the back and it is very spacious which is very nice in the back here you have this little screen that you can pop out with this button and it delivers it to you which is quite nice and this is where you can control a lot of your functions or just surf the web whatever you’d like to do you’ve got these beautiful big screens massive screens what is cool is it has rear wheel steering i’m going to show you that in a sec which means for a long car it’s got a great turning circle okay you see here it says digital light that’s exactly what it is so what it has is 1.3 million mini mirrors in the lights that actually light up the road in front of you with hazard signs or it lights up certain things that it thinks you need to see along the road if the car detects that another car is about to slam into you the whole car in a split second will raise by eight centimeters it would literally just go and that is to get you out of the way of the crash zone oh it’s so pretty we love a bit of a light display now watch the back reel here guys as it turns turns opposite to the front wheels so the starting price for the new s-class is about 120 000 this one with all of the added options is about 180 000 i actually like the driver’s seat more than i do the back in this car which probably isn’t right because it’s meant to be a kind of a chauffeur driven car but i just think all of these features here are too cool to pass up you wouldn’t want to be chauffeured when you have a 3d screen if i look at this mirror here it’s going to recognize that and it’s just going to turn this mirror and then if i look at this mirror it will recognize that and it will turn this mirror so that is really cool it’s got this special extra warning to tell you where to turn so let’s see what happens as i approach this u-turn yeah look the arrows the arrows are like now now now before you miss your exit that’s quite cool you

  • Norazam YusofDecember 2, 2020 13:27

    This giving people wonderful dreams into reality. Hands holding Mercedes-Benz and drive as own.

  • Isa DahiruDecember 2, 2020 13:46

    The new sclass is just exceptional.

  • Yusuf Mohammed HassanDecember 22, 2020 10:20

    I really love mercedes cars, especially the new mercedes s class, to me the best car in the world is mercedes. I wish I could win one

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