The new steering wheel tesla Model S Plaid was uncomfortable while driving

The new steering wheel tesla Model S Plaid was uncomfortable while driving


While this apprentice driver, driving at 30 km / h, tends to grip the wheel tightly with both hands, action stars like Vin Diesel know that the only way to look cool while driving is to hold one hand on the gear lever and the other on the steering wheel at the 12 o’clock position. This will not be possible in some newer Tesla models, such as the Model S, with their rectangular steering wheel design lacking a rounded top. In addition, as practice has shown, such a steering wheel is absolutely inconvenient to use.

On Twitter, the user posted two videos of him driving a new Tesla equipped with a controversial airplane-style wheel. The second video contains the driver’s comments. As expected, the most awkward moments come when the driver needs to make a U-turn or enter a roundabout. Some maneuvers require more than two full revolutions and this seems particularly awkward.

Not only can you not hold the top of the steering wheel against the inside of the rim – as is often the case with conventional steering wheels – but your hands end up bumping into each other harder than usual. Plus, you can’t just let the wheel slide in your hand to return to its original position.

According to the driver, things get easier over time and that once you give up the habits formed by using a regular round wheel, things get better. However, this kind of design seems more complex, especially on busy city streets. Judging by these videos, the Tesla steering wheel did nothing to win over buyers.

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