The new Superb is already rolling on the roads

The new Superb is already rolling on the roads


Edition has posted pictures of the prototype of the updated Skoda Superb in camouflage. Experts argue why this instance belongs to the new generation of the flagship, and not just a restyled version.

Photos of the Superb prototype were taken by a magazine reader in Austria. They show a station wagon, the front and rear parts of which are covered with camouflage tape. This is how a car is usually disguised when preparing a planned restyling of a model.

But the Skoda Superb has too little time left for an update in the middle of its life cycle, as the new generation of Superb should appear on the market already in 2023. Also in favor of the fact that this is a new generation of the flagship of the Czech brand, says the sticker, which warns of testing the brake system. It is known that Skoda is also responsible for the development of a new Volkswagen Passat model, which is scheduled for release at about the same time.

The eyewitness who sent the pictures to the editor notes that he heard the sound of the engine, so it is safe to say that the new Superb will be offered with an internal combustion engine, which, in order to meet emission standards, will most likely be equipped with a 48-volt starter-generator. Also in the new lineup will be rechargeable hybrids, which will receive an increased capacity battery for a wider range of motion in an all-electric mode.

We also advise you to watch a detailed review of the Skoda Superb from the FineAuto team:

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