The New Supercar You Haven’t Heard Of | Puritalia Berlinetta

The New Supercar You Haven’t Heard Of | Puritalia Berlinetta


This is the new GT Hybrid Supercar from Puritalia, the Berlinetta. It is capable of 0–100 km/h (0–62 mph) in 2.7 seconds and has a top speed of 335 km/h and a total of 935HP! The Berlinetta can travel up to 20Km in full electric mode. The production is limited to 150 cars and the price starts at Euro 465,000 + VAT.Special thanks to @SellerieCimes – Follow me on:

the cool thing about this is a lot of the few cool things this is the key up here I’ve found the coolest car this is groovy Thalia here at the Geneva International Motor Show super couple under here hi what’s up if you’re not following me already please click the subscribe button because I’m finding the coolest part yeah now I want to show you around this car has been for years in the making and it is finally ready this car might be unassuming but it has got crazy power under the hood and also the torque is insane now they have developed their own engine so the v8 supercharged engine in the front and one electric motor in the back and combined you get almost a thousand horsepower which is crazy around 250 horsepower from the electric motor and the rest from the engine has more torque Ferrari or p1 Oh gave me electric shock Fabio what are you doing to me Fabio’s just been showing hey guys all right now the cool thing about this is a lot of the few cool things this is the key up here so this is how you start we can’t actually turn the engine on they say no at the International Motor Show so anyway we’re just going to have a look this is a cool button here in machs yawner if you press this what comes up is 40 seconds now if you press that button what it’s going to do is give you 40 seconds of ultimate power it takes the full power from the engine and the electric motor in the back and gives you that quick boost for 40 seconds now because that heats up the batteries quite quickly they can only really limit that to 40 seconds because in it needs to start cooling down again but that’s a pretty cool button to have any part yeah push it push this one everything can be controlled from this screen so the steering wheel for example if we press down there girls this one and the deceits of course everything everything’s controlled from here so that’s pretty cool this is all their technology they’ve spent a long long time developing the technology inside and out you’ve got all of these different modes here a power mode so it can fully run on electric power and then super hybrid so that combines both the engine and the electric motor and then you’ve got sport race and custom of course as well now they’ve got AI technology what happens is the way you drive the car is being uploaded to a cloud and it starts to learn about your driving habits so we’re how you drive where you like to drive to and then it starts to adapt the car to your driving style that’s quite cool that everything that you’re doing is being uploaded to a cloud this is the future that’s crazy okay let’s take a look at the engine now you’re going to open pop the hood from the controls here let’s find where this is come yep you can configure everything here okay and we just want to pop the hood okay you can the hood from usually all right let’s go this is the exhaust here on the side you never would have guessed I didn’t see that at first so no exhausts on the back what’s the reason for that on their right you guys we general ah second charity exactly it’s called pure Italian Orchestra basically is up to you what what kind of sound you want on the card so you can change if you are only using what the exhausts on the side and then you can only use the exhaust on the back and then you can use all four together and that really changes the sound of the cars drive man we need to hear this car on nice brake light down here as well that would look super cool so that is their intervention v8 supercharged and yeah nearly a thousand horsepower you’re getting out of the engine and the electric motor in the back that is it’s pretty impressive in the car with how much the car weighs 1,400 kilos and so you know you’ve got a lot of power Dawei they’ve developed this has been a long time coming I’m glad that we found her here at the Motor Show and got to show you look at all this carbon yeah violence on the ceiling of the you don’t often get to see that that’s very special that’s the Berlinetta that’s the model of the car from war Italia hopefully we’re going to see one of these on the streets very soon they’re taking orders now if you order one today what is it sixteen months 18 months that you’ll get the car and yeah I’m excited to see it I hope you liked it give me a quick thumbs up on the video press that thumbs up like and subscribe to my account we’re going to see the cruellest hyper cars and supercars around the world right for now I’m out love you

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