The new SUV Bugatti can accelerate to 500 km/h

The new SUV Bugatti can accelerate to 500 km/h

The head of the company said that the project of creating a three-door SUV finished, and some people saw him, but at the moment there is no budget to run it in the series.

The Italian supercar manufacturer still claims that dropping out of the race for top speed for any production car, a record which belongs to the Koenigsegg Agera RS. In an interview with one of the automotive publications representative of the brand asked whether the extreme version of Chiron to accelerate to 500 km/h. Stephan Winkelmann admitted that, although this is still an “opportunity”, it depends not only on whether it wants Bugatti to do it, but from the tire manufacturer, ready to supply tires that can withstand that kind of speed.

The reporters asked if there car has more power than 1500 HP, provide an 8.0-liter, four-cylinder W16 engine from Chiron. He said that, although at some point the transition to electric motors is not excluded, the technology is just not ready yet “for such modernisation requires smaller, lighter and more powerful batteries”.

Recall that Hennessey wants to overcome this speed barrier with the new Venom F5, while Koenigsegg is preparing a faster version of its new hypercar Jesko, which will try to accelerate to 500 km/h. in addition, SSC North America is confident that the new Tuatara is the only hypercar that can do this.

“The design is ready. Some potential clients have seen it, and they liked it. One or two influential man in Wolfsburg welcomed it,” said Winckelmann on the question of the development of the SUV.

If the company finds financing for the serial production of the SUV, the model “will almost certainly work on the battery”

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