The new Suzuki hatchback failed the crash test miserably

The new Suzuki hatchback failed the crash test miserably


The independent Latin NCAP test organization for the Latin American market has conducted crash tests on the Suzuki Baleno hatchback. During a safety check, the compact model performed appallingly, demonstrating the vulnerability of occupants during collisions. At the same time, the specialists did not begin to complete the tests of the model, since there are no standard security elements in its design.

The Suzuki Baleno hatchback is produced in India by the specialists of the Maruti Suzuki company. The Indian version is equipped with two airbags as standard. During the tests, the car showed inadequate protection of the knees of the driver and passenger, as well as complete exposure to the chest. According to the results of the first crash tests, experts rated the hatchback safety at 20 percent for adult passengers and only 17 percent for children.

The next were to be tested during a side impact and in a collision with a pillar. However, experts refused to crash tests, since the Indian Suzuki Baleno is not equipped with side head protection. At the same time, the European version of the hatchback is already in the “base” equipped with six airbags, as well as a dynamic stabilization system ESC. Experts once again complained that most cars for the Latin American market lack even the standard protection systems that European counterparts have.

At the end of October, the American Insurance Institute for Highway Safety conducted pilot crash tests under the new rules. Out of 20 SUVs and crossovers, only Mazda CX-5 coped with the modified tests.

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