The new Toyota crossover will be manufactured in USA

The new Toyota crossover will be manufactured in USA

Official representatives of the Japanese brand confirmed previously went the rumor that Toyota plans to start production of its new crossover in the United States. This will be a new venture, which has already invested $ 1.6 billion.

In a recent interview with the official representative of the automaker, Toyota managed to learn that in the United States will be built new production capacity. We are talking about the new plant MTMUS, which will be built in Huntsville. It is known that the leadership of the brand has invested in this project an amount of $ 1 600 000 000 dollars. The company will be located in a large area more than 10 square kilometers in total, there will be a work of some 4,000 workers. The work of the plant will start in 2021.

It is reported that currently, all construction works are in accordance with previously agreed schedule.

Earlier, representatives of the Japanese brand has repeatedly said that the new facility will mass produce a brand new crossover – the truth is that it’s for such a model, no one said anything. It says only that the decision was taken due to the rapidly growing demand for crossovers and SUVs around the world.

I note that in the spring of 2017, at the motor show in new York was presented the SUV concept FT-4X (left). In the fall, they decided to show us another similar concept, called the FT-AC. Then was shown a show car Cruiser Tj. The new model apparently is one of the serial version of one of these conceptual innovations.

Not so long ago our newspaper wrote about the fact that Toyota have created a pilot version of the car, working from solar batteries. The Japanese automaker, Sharp and supported organization dedicated to the implementation of innovative industrial power technologies, is testing a modification of the model, the Prius, in the superior efficiency of a serial hybrid.

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