The new Toyota Harrier will bring to the world stage, and will sell outside of Japan

The new Toyota Harrier will bring to the world stage, and will sell outside of Japan


The Japanese brand presents this spring a new. Toyota Harrier fourth generation for the first time traveling outside of the Asian market. More originally, the cross was offered for the domestic market of Japan.

In January 2020 the representation of the brand, said that the fourth generation will arrive in the United States. In America, Japanese have to change the name, becoming the second generation of the Venza. The first generation was not a huge demand on the decline of sales, although initially the chances were good. Venza was a powerful, comfortable and dynamic touring terrain. Outs, resulting in a decline in sales in all markets.

But successful Toyota Harrier can improve this situation. On the eve of the Chinese division of the brand has published plans on 2020-2021 gg clearly have the fate of the Toyota Harrier. Generation change will entail moving to a new platform. TNGA-K has already run on the new generation RAV4. Thus the overall dimensions of the SUV will be increased, even stretched the wheelbase.


Harrier iV/Venza II will be conducted in 7-seater version. Special attention is paid to the comfort level. The difference will feel the dynamics of potential buyers depending on the target market. For example, China patented turbotweak 2.0 liters (M20A-FKS). Also from the RAV4 in the engine compartment will move hybrid A25A-FXS on the base 2.5-liter unit. But for the United States apparently provides only a 2.5-turboservice.

In the Arsenal of the Harrier iV/Venza II are all advanced options: adaptive cruise, panoramic view, recognition of road markings and hold the car in lane traffic and emergency braking. Experts do not exclude that the second generation of the Toyota Venza gets and donas.

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