The new version of Dacia Duster will be able to operate on gasoline and liquefied gas

The new version of Dacia Duster will be able to operate on gasoline and liquefied gas


In Brussels presented a new version of the popular crossover Dacia Duster. Now the car can run either on petrol or on LPG.

A new engine TCe 100 Eco-G, which debuted on the new Duster SUV will soon be available on other models, which include Sandero, Sandero Stepway, Logan and Logan MCV. This new engine is a dual fuel version of the 1.0-litre three-cylinder petrol power unit with a turbo TCe 100, which was recently presented carmaker Dacia last year.

We emphasize that the modification of Eco-G provides much more torque while reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. In particular, the maximum torque increased by 10 Nm, with a total figure of 170 Nm, and the emission of harmful substances from the exhaust gases in the atmosphere are declining around 10%. As for fuel economy, when increased average consumption of liquid petrol gas the total fuel price per kilometre is reduced by about 30% compared to the petrol unit and up to 8% compared to a diesel engine.

Of course, the machine is capable of running on both petrol and liquefied gas, since the car is equipped with special separate tanks for each fuel type. The driver can change the fuel supply from petrol to gas and Vice versa using a special switch, which is located in the cabin. When the liquefied gas tank is empty, the system automatically switches to gasoline.


Additional storage for liquefied gas is made of high strength steel, it is located in place of the spare wheel, which means that the volume of the Luggage compartment is not affected. The total mileage of Duster TCe 100 Eco-G with filled tanks is more than 1000 km.

What’s special about Dacia Duster from most other cars running on liquefied petroleum gas, is the fact that the company States that its model Eco-G may have access to underground car parks thanks to their built-in security features. Such features include pressure relief valve, check valve, control, filling level, flow restrictor and solenoid valve.

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The new engine TCe 100 Eco-G will present in France in January of this year, the starting price of which starts from 12 490 Euro for the same price as a similar model with a petrol engine.

Would You like to two-fuel version of the Duster come to our market?

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