The new Volkswagen Golf came on the final tests

The new Volkswagen Golf came on the final tests


Chief designer of the brand says it will “real attractiveness.”

Seven generations and more than 35 million cars later, Volkswagen Golf is about to enter a new era: “the era of the electrified disk, the digitized and connected world internal, auxiliary driving and online functions and services.” Here is what briefly In a press release issued by the carmaker in Wolfsburg, it said, accompanying an image of a teaser showing disguised, almost serial the prototype Mk VIII.


We know that the compact five-door hatchback entered into the final test phase, and VW is going to complete it, perhaps the most important of the machine. Although the term “camouflage” is used to describe the external finish of the car, it might be better to use the term wrap because black-and-white livery with the words “Golf” on the doors are pretty thin and not really hide anything.

For 45 years of existence, Golf has always adhered to the evolutionary style of one generation after another, and it will be the same story with the eighth iteration of the hatchback. This is quite obvious if you just look at the next official image, as the appearance will not be too far from the outgoing Mk VII. However, the head of VW design Klaus Bischoff says that the new model will be a “real draw” as soon as the disguise will be removed this fall.

If you’re wondering why the icon is missing VW, this is a very good reason. Updated Golf will be the first model of the company, which changed the logo, and a fully electric hatchback ID.3. Also the front two white stripes on the headlights don’t actually hide the shape and design of the clusters, which look like full-led.

The rear of the car today is not a tease, although we have a lot of pictures, revealing derrier base model VW. We also have a spy image pre-viewer of the radical changes taking place inside the cabin, where many of the physical controls will be implemented in the infotainment system in the style tablet, to make the dashboard less cluttered.


As previously announced, the premiere of the new Golf will be held in October and will go on sale in Europe before the end of the year. Sportsvan will not return to a new generation because of slow sales related to the boom in SUVs. As for American Golf, it will probably only be offered in trim levels the GTI and R after a recent announcement by VoA about his plans to kill SportWagen and Alltrack after 2019, as evidenced by our report that the base Golf has received the axe as well

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