The new Volkswagen Golf R is fully disclosed

The new Volkswagen Golf R is fully disclosed


In the Internet appeared pictures of the new generation of the popular VW.

Photospin was able to “catch” on the lenses of their cameras unusual version of the VW Golf R, which is undergoing testing in Sweden. Remarkable feature presents images that depict the model of the machine not covered with a camouflage film.

The vehicle must be equipped with a power plant, the capacity of which will amount to 329 horsepower. Transmission shall be equipped with a manual transmission with two clutches. However, the brand does not deny the possibility of the appearance of forced motor with a capacity of 400 “horses”, as well as automatic transmission.


It should be noted that represented in the pictures model is the Volkswagen Golf R, as evidenced by the special structure of exhaust system with dual pipes, an improved brake system with bigger calipers and bold style the whole appearance of the car.

VW Golf R should be officially presented to the public at the exhibition of cars at Goodwood.

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