The new Volvo XC90 will turn into a self-driving “electric train”

The new Volvo XC90 will turn into a self-driving “electric train”


Volvo has revealed some details of the third-generation XC90 crossover, which will be presented in 2022.

The electric crossover will ship with numerous sensors, including Luminar’s LIDAR technology, and a stand-alone control computer powered by the NVIDIA Drive Orin SoC. The complex will operate under the operating system jointly developed by Volvo, Zenseact and Luminar, it will be included in the basic equipment of the model.

This technology will improve over time, becoming more and more functional. It will enable the vehicle to improve its driver’s ability to respond to critical situations. While previous generations of technology have relied heavily on alerting the driver to potential threats, this safety technology will increasingly intervene over time to avoid collisions.

In addition to a range of sensors and an AI computer, Volvo’s upcoming flagship model will also feature redundant steering and braking systems. They will prepare the hardware for safe autonomous driving.

These redundant systems, together with LIDAR, computing resources and software, will enable the Highway Pilot to function. It was developed in collaboration with Zenseact, an autonomous driving software company owned by Volvo Cars.

Autonomous driving for use on motorways and the optional Highway Pilot system will be activated for customers after security and legal checks for specific geographic locations and conditions. Main and standalone computers for engine and transmission control over time will allow cars to become safer, more personalized and more environmentally friendly through regular updates.

What the design of the new Volvo XC90 will be is still unknown. However, a general idea of ​​this car can be drawn from the example of the Recharge concept presented last week.

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