The new X-Trail will be released in time – this fall

The new X-Trail will be released in time – this fall


Although automobile companies in the U.S. are closed before the end of this month, the new Nissan Rouge (in Ukraine – the X-Trail) dealers will get scheduled prior to the start of the pandemic periods. Such information shared to the publication Automotive News, based on representative of the Corporation.

Coronavirus and the closure of auto plants in quarantine, of course, makes its own adjustments in production plans. Thus, the production of new items should start in may, but now it will not happen before autumn.

“In the current time period our plans for output of new models on the American market is not revised, and a new generation of cross dealers will receive, as planned, in the autumn,” said the Corporation.


Rogue/X-Trail is an important model, demonstrating high sales performance on the back of demand for other machine brand. So, for example, in America, in spite of its age (Rogue presented in 2013), the cross is the most popular model of the Japanese brand and occupies the sixth position among the most sold models in the us market. Last year Rogue had sold almost 350 of 500 units, missing only the Toyota RAV4 and Honda CR-V.

In addition, it is worth noting that earlier this month the Network showed the patent pictures of the external and internal appearance of the product. X-Trail will noticeably change in appearance. So, the interior flaunts a new infotainment system, rethought baffles arranged vertically, are not fixed selector transmission and electronic tidy.

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