The newest Ferrari supercar will be named SP48 Unica

The newest Ferrari supercar will be named SP48 Unica


The Italian automaker is preparing to launch another exclusive supercar, which is currently being developed by the brand’s special projects division. The novelty will be known under the compound name SP48 Unica.

A sketch of a Ferrari badge with the words “SP48 Unica” was recently posted on the Ferrari Chat forum. It is known to be a brand new supercar based on the F8 Tributo.

Moreover, it is obvious that the donor model has undergone serious revision, as is the case with all exclusive SP models from Ferrari. Interestingly, the alleged owner of the custom SP48 Unica entered the dialogue on the forum.

According to him, last year he asked the automaker to name the new product “Project Speciale XLVIII”. Mark denied him, rejecting the request, briefly arguing that it was “politically incorrect in Italy.”

The novelty will get the 3.9-liter twin-turbo V8 engine that the F8 Tributo has. The power will be about 710 hp, no less. Moreover, it is possible that the brand will want to boost the engine.

The design of the novelty will be radically different from the appearance of the “donor” F8. This is what the exclusive projects of the brand are famous for, which are built for each specific client and are one of a kind.

Meanwhile, it became known that Chery will release a compact electric car under the new Costin brand. The inexpensive battery citycar is now undergoing certification in its home country.

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