The next Prius will be hydrogen

The next Prius will be hydrogen


The next-generation Toyota Prius hybrid will hit the market in December 2022, and a new version with a hydrogen-powered internal combustion engine will appear in 2025. This was reported by the Japanese edition BestCarWeb, citing sources close to the company.

The fourth-generation Prius XW50 has been on sale since 2015, despite updates, it is outdated. In about a year, a successor will appear, which will receive a time-tested tandem: a 1.8-liter gasoline engine operating on the Atkinson cycle and an electric motor.

But Toyota specialists are already developing in a fundamentally new direction. This is an engine that burns hydrogen instead of gasoline. Recall that Toyota’s hydrogen internal combustion engine is currently being tested as part of a sports prototype based on the Corolla Sport.

The experimental machine uses a 1.6-liter motor, which has been adapted to run on compressed hydrogen. To do this, engineers have replaced the fuel supply and injection system. As a result of hydrogen combustion, no harmful emissions into the atmosphere occur. The only exception is a small amount of carbon dioxide CO2 produced by burning engine oil, writes

Fuel is stored in cylinders under a pressure of 70 MPa, they are taken from the serial Toyota Mirai.

Recall that the fourth generation Toyota Prius (XW50) has been produced since 2015. It uses a 1.8-liter inline-four 2ZR-FXE (98 hp), aided by a 72-horsepower electric motor powered by a battery pack under the rear seats. The standard configuration is front-wheel drive, but there is also an all-wheel drive version of the Prius E-Four with a separate electric motor for the rear axle.

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