The next version of the supercar Audi R8 will be electrified

The next version of the supercar Audi R8 will be electrified


The logs said that the updated Audi R8 will be “subjected to electrification”. The main tasks of the engineers will be the maximum weight reduction and impressive sounding exhaust system for a hybrid power-plant.

The third generation Audi R8 (pictured concept PB18 E-Tron), it appears, is in the planning stage, and it is expected that the novelty will receive major changes, such as the transition to electrified propulsion. Managing Director of the sports division Audi Sport Oliver Hoffman gave a few hints as to what to expect to expect from the long-awaited news.

“It is not yet decided on the platform and type of engine for the next-generation R8. But the car will for sure fit in all existing worldwide emissions standards. This most likely means that it will be a supercar with electrification,” said Mr. Hoffmann.


Electrification also allows Audi to increase horsepower without worrying that their engine will not pass stringent environmental regulations.

However, this is due to a reduction in vehicle weight due to the extra mass that appears after inserting the battery pack and electric motors.

One of the claims to electric vehicles among fans of traditional sports cars is the lack of a bold sound exhaust system, because the electric cars it is not there. Mr. Hoffman said that the company is trying to solve the issue.

“We work very hard on creating a special sound for our electric car. Therefore, one way to do this is to have the same roar of the engine that have cars with conventional internal combustion engine,” said Hoffmann.


In an earlier interview, the head of Audi Sport have indicated that engineers are working hard to preserve the classic V10 engine for the third generation of the supercar R8.

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