The nicest camper in the world for sale

The nicest camper in the world for sale


The owner of the yacht the shipyard has turned into a fun house on wheels forty years of Citroen van.

In certain circles, the Citroen Type H is considered to be no less (maybe even more) religious than the VW T2 in particular due to the unconventional design for which the van is sometimes compared with Darth Vader. At the time, Citroen even produced a special kit for visual transformation of the contemporary Jumper in the likeness of Type H.

Therefore, the choice of the Dutch yacht Builder in General can understand: camper on the Citroen HY 1600 1977 year of release, whatever it turned out, in any case would attract attention. Motorhome now lives in California where it was brought from Europe by sea.


Considering the main business of the owner, there is nothing surprising in the principles of interior design of camper: mahogany, copper, cloth and accessories like nautical yacht barometer. As well as other components that facilitate the stay in the bus – sink, gas stove, water tank, storage boxes and the like. Dining area with two sofas and a table can be transformed into a bed.

The owner of the motorhome claims that the mileage of the van is 138 thousand kilometers, and the state calls “excellent.” The buyer who agrees to pay for the original Kemper 29 thousand dollars, his current owner will transfer a bunch of parts, documents, and expedition roof rack and sun shades installed on the roof, and a mascot – a figure of Bibendum, the famous logo of the Michelin brand.

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