The Nissan Leaf made the most difficult journey on autopilot

The Nissan Leaf made the most difficult journey on autopilot


Electric hatchback Nissan Leaf made the long trip on the roads of the UK on autopilot, driving in automatic mode 370 kilometers. The route car passed through highways, complex interchanges and intersections, as well as on country roads.

Electric car participated in the project called HumanDrive sponsored by the UK government, and other companies and organizations. The amount of investment in the program amounted to 13.5 million pounds (17.5 million dollars).


The drone on the Nissan Leaf is equipped with a satellite navigation system GPS, optical range finder LiDAR, radar and cameras that allow the electronics to navigate in space. The project HumanDrive the researchers also tested the technology of computer training, which will allow to apply the received experience in the further development of automatic control systems.

Standard Nissan Leaf is equipped with semi-Autonomous function ProPilot able to assist the driver by intervening in the steering, acceleration and braking if necessary.

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At the end of 2019 debuted the updated Nissan Leaf, the ProPilot system which added a modernized technology control speed and improved Parking. Option first became available a new system Canto (“I sing”), emits a special sound when driving, aims to improve the safety of pedestrians. The pitch of the sound will change depending on how the car is moving: speeds up, slows down, or goes in reverse.

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