The Nissan Skyline was turned into a disco ball with “endless” by lights

The Nissan Skyline was turned into a disco ball with “endless” by lights


The Network has published a video with a rather unusual tuning Nissan Skyline. The author of the project Steve Nolan replaced standard optics on the LEDs that create the effect of an infinite mirror in the rear lights.

The led installation on the vehicle is always quite a risky activity that one wrong move can easily turn out tuning in the style of “fast and Furious” into something tasteless and rather ridiculous, and are also unsafe for other drivers. But in the case of this “Skyline” in the body of the R32 to the author, it seems, managed to achieve almost perfect balance and to make something really attractive and unusual.


The main element in this project, of course, the rear lights. The author has removed the standard halogen bulbs and replaced them with LEDs, but did it in an unusual way. Thanks to the simple manipulation of lights and mirrors, he was able to achieve the effect of endless mirrors inside each lantern. In addition, he made the illumination along the whole length of the model name on the back and handed it to led strip between the lights.

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Working on a new “HD” #infinitymirrors #taillights for the #skyline with the help of @scottapetty ! Deeper and cleaner reflectors for an incredible effect! #skeptikinnovations

Publication from Steve Molans (@s.molans)October 23, 2019 at 6:16 PDT

The author of the project did not stop the led multi-colored ribbon also decorates the inner part of the rims, and thanks to the impressive size of the “shelf” for the light from the bulbs is reflected on the metal surface and creates the illusion that illuminated the entire disk, not just its back. In addition, the author added lighting in the cabin and on the front optics.

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#functional #coldstart #infinitymirrors #taillights #skyline #r32 #model #nissangtr #skeptikinnovations #stevekiferissexy #function #r33 #r34 #drift #supercars #jdm #jdmaf #red #blueghozt

Publication from Steve Molans (@s.molans)24 Nov 2019, 9:33 PST

Manage all lighting effects can be controller from Nintendo. C its help it is possible to include different modes of diodes, to choose the color and mode of light bulbs. In addition, the remote control can start the engine, open the trunk or lift the spoiler. The author thought about the safety of the other drivers – the led elements have a “classic” mode of illumination which is virtually indistinguishable from factory.

Cool looks or a farm?

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