The number of orders for Tesla Cybertruck exceeded 1 million!


The Tesla Cybertruck electric pickup truck was presented in November 2019, and the car is already in unprecedented demand before the start of actual sales – in the first week after the presentation, the number of applications exceeded 250 thousand.

We regularly talk about the situation around the American electric pickup, which became the first model in the class. So, by June 2020, the milestone of 650 thousand pre-orders was overcome, but since then the official statistics have not been updated. But unofficial data suggest that more than a million pickups have already been ordered.

It is noted that about 48% of orders are for the version with two electric motors starting at $ 49,900, while the FSD package was ordered in 66.76% of cases. Slightly less falls on the most expensive version of a pickup with three engines for 69,900 dollars (44.5%), but the share of cars with the FSD package in this case reaches 85.28%. This set of active driver assistance functions at this stage of evolutionary development allows you to automatically pass intersections and traffic lights, an option is estimated at $ 10,000.

According to previously published data, Tesla will be able to produce 100,000 Tesla Cybertruck pickups by 2025. At the same time, even the start date of production has not yet been published. But, they are analysts, to predict and expect – it is reported that Morgan Stanley specialists analyzed the remains of components in the company’s warehouses and came to this conclusion.

Note that 100,000 pickups per year is about 2,000 vehicles per month, which is not that much. However, given the process of setting up the assembly line when the Tesla Model 3 came out, you can expect the company to enter design production much later than 2025.

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