The occupiers from the Russian Federation have serious logistical problems

The occupiers from the Russian Federation have serious logistical problems


Russia has already committed 100,000 troops of its military to the battle with Ukraine. This is two-thirds of the composition prepared for the offensive. About 50 thousand soldiers remained in the reserve. This was stated by a senior official of the US Department of Defense, BBC Ukraine reports.

At the same time, the Pentagon noted that poorly prepared the supply of the offensive group, since they fix big logistical problems for the occupiers, including with the delivery of fuel and food.

When driving on roads near military operations, be very careful, as they are “littered” with broken and abandoned equipment of then Federation and Belarus.

Reports have also become more frequent from local residents of the border areas that then military is draining fuel from their equipment in an attempt to exchange it for food from local residents.

“Reserves are over, then Federation has no means of delivering these reserves. Our Bayraktar unmanned aerial vehicles, our fighters, attack aircraft are destroying fuel supplies that they want to use to refuel their equipment. That is, at the moment, today, according to all forecasts, including our Western partners, this will indeed be a decisive day, it will be a turning point, because they no longer have the capacity, they are trying to somehow regroup forces, trying to achieve those the goals that they set for themselves in relation to Kyiv, but we see that not a single armored vehicle has entered Kyiv, and will not enter, because at all posts, directions there is territorial defense, the Armed Forces, the National Guard,” said a member of the Committee The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Fyodor Venislavsky.

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