“The old man” vs the Mask: the Belarusians have created a rival to the Tesla Roadster (video)

“The old man” vs the Mask: the Belarusians have created a rival to the Tesla Roadster (video)


The President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko showed the development of the country in the field of electric vehicles, including lightweight two-seat Roadster.

The engineers assured Lukashenko that this machine will be able to “compete with Tesla”.

On assurances of developers, the Roadster belongs to the M1 class and has improved dynamic characteristics. It is capable of speeds up to 170 km/h and cover a distance of 270 km without recharging.

“It amazes me, even very impressive. Did not expect that they are able in such a short period of time to create all this”, – said Lukashenka to journalists.

Minsk automotive journalists note that the electrical design of the Roadster was started to create Dmitry Kabanov, inventor enthusiast. Now it is an initiative to develop the team of designers and engineers of the Academy of Sciences. The project is close to completion. It’s already running the sample, but without the body.


The President was also demonstrated a prototype harvester for making ice operating on the actuator. Lukashenko got acquainted with the new developments of batteries and charging stations for various purposes.

“To assess them properly, we have to see whether it is world standards and what are the prospects. Have in mind that it is not a toy create, and the product which you will sell in the markets and to currency”, – said Alexander Lukashenko.

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