The old Mercedes A-Class on cheap tires performed the “moose test” better than the 2021 S-Class

The old Mercedes A-Class on cheap tires performed the “moose test” better than the 2021 S-Class


The 20-year-old Mercedes-Benz A 210 (W168) has far from perfect stability when maneuvering, but even it performed better than the newest Mercedes flagship sedan.

At the beginning of the history of the A-Class model, the smallest and cheapest Mercedes-Benz had very weak maneuvering stability, which forced the manufacturer to add the electronic stabilization system ESC to the standard equipment of the car. This helped and the redesigned A-Class showed quite decent stability. So much so that its handling is better today than that of the modern and one of the most expensive Mercedes – the S-Class sedan.

The Spanish channel has conducted another test from the “Retro” series. This time the experts decided to test the handling of the Mercedes-Benz A 210 Evolution. The Evolution version is a slightly sportier A-class with stiffer shock absorbers and springs, as well as an anti-roll bar. The rear track is slightly wider and the 17-inch wheels are wrapped in 205/40 tires.

On the odometer of the test A 210 Evolution, more than 200 thousand kilometers, although about 30 thousand kilometers ago, the hatchback received new springs, shock absorbers and other suspension components. But the tires were not new and, besides, they were cheap.

The A-Class showed good stability at a speed of 71 km / h, although it knocked down a few cones, but remained quite controllable. The best maneuvering speed for the hatchback was 75 km / h, which is 2 km / h below the minimum standard. At the same time, experts noted that the inner wheel of the car does not tend to come off the surface, and the suspension does not jump.

Thus, the old A-Class turned out to be better handling than the new generation S-Class, which performed the exercise only at a speed of 74 km / h.

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