The on auto-commit of the SDA: the main thing is to replenish the budget?

The on auto-commit of the SDA: the main thing is to replenish the budget?


What is the main task of auto-commit violations of traffic rules: collect drivers with more fines, or to improve safety on the roads? AUTO-Consulting has analysed the accident statistics before and after the start of automatic photo and video fixation of violations, and draw some interesting conclusions.

That from 1 June in Ukraine started in real (not in test mode) penalties to run automatic photo and video fixation of violations of traffic rules, motorists already know. And many even managed to get “letters of happiness”. Although until cameras are installed only in Kiev and region, and record only speeding.

On the first day the camera was recorded for 57 880 cases of violations of the speed limit, and on the last day of the month – 13 325, that is 4 times less. Regulations adminpravonarushenii for the month was sent to the violators 398 410 PCs Of them already paid 219 040 fines for speeding. Just 30 days of operation of the system on account of the state Treasury has received 31 million 908 thousand UAH 746 and 98 cents.


Good money. On average, one out of 50 working cameras in the past month have earned thousand 638 UAH. And it gave safety on the roads?

According to statistics of the Ministry of interior, during the first half of the year 2020 in the whole country was recorded 72394 an accident. And if we compare this figure with last year, the number of accidents on the roads of Ukraine decreased by 1%. But the number of accidents with victims, unfortunately, increased. Compared to the previous year by 3.9%, and fatal accidents became more – by 11.3%. Kiev – the leader in road accident in Ukraine. Here for six months, there have been 17 accidents 508. At the same time, in the capital, the first half has improved all indicators: the accident was less than 9%, accidents with victims – less than 8.4%, killed 21.7% less people. Interestingly, in Kiev, the number of accidents caused by drivers over this period decreased by almost 17%, and caused by pedestrians – in contrary, has increased by 5%.

According to the same statistics, in the first half, in the whole country have been daily 400 accidents. Last year the figure was 404. In Kiev for the half year happened 17508 accidents, so in an average day it turns out about 97 accidents.

Now let’s see how many accidents occurred in June, when I started to work with photo and video fixation of traffic violations. How did this innovation on the accident rate in the country in General and in the capital region, where he worked the camera in particular.

As strange as it may sound, but statistics for June shows an increase in the number of accidents. And in the whole country, and Kiev. According to the interior Ministry in the whole country in June, there was a 11.8% more accidents compared to last year. And in Kiev – almost 1% more. It – 105 accidents per day. However, in the capital was half a percent less traffic accidents with victims, 46% less accidents with dead and 7% fewer crashes with injuries.

It turns out that the camera not so much scared of the violators? That is, in General, the number of traffic violations in the country, the Metropolitan chamber is affected weakly. Although here we have to mention: cameras record traffic violations, and the statistics of the Ministry of interior – road traffic accidents. And different things, because the violation of the Rules does not always lead to the accident.

And maybe the fact that speeding is not the main cause of accidents? Look at the statistics of the interior Ministry. It turns out that indeed, for the first half of 2020 from-for excess of speed was only 164 of the accident. And it’s almost 9% more than last year. But if to compare this figure with the total number of accidents per half-year, it turns out that speeding accounts for less than 4.5% of the accidents. However, as we have said, a month of the cameras, there were almost 400 thousand speeding violations. It turns out that while the camera auto-commit more work to replenish the state Treasury, and not on road safety.


According to statistics of the Ministry of interior, the highest number of road accident occur from-for excess not established and a safe speed – 2590 accidents in the half. On the second place – infringement of rules of maneuvering – 1663 accidents per half-year. On the third violation of the rules of journey of crossroads – 806 accidents on the 4-m – driving while intoxicated – 632, the fifth – insufficient distance – 621 accident. It turns out that while the camera work on replenishment of the state Treasury, and not on road safety.

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