The on auto-commit violations of traffic rules: first problems

The on auto-commit violations of traffic rules: first problems


Network Facebook appears first the problematic situations faced by citizens, faced with some nuances of operation of the system auto-commit violations of traffic rules.

As follows from messages of citizens, notification of traffic violations come to former owners of cars, and not those who really runs now. Thus, in vulnerable individuals, previously sold cars under contracts of sale, but no further renewal of the car to the new owner.


Apparently, a group of risk also includes, and citizens who once sold their cars with registration of General power of attorney. These cars were sold and resold without registration of the vehicle to the new owner of the car.

About the problem with the payment of fines for violation of traffic rules June 22, wrote in Facebook from Kiev Ekaterina Ilchenko, 2018 sold Skoda. The new owner of the car, committed a traffic violation, for whatever reason, then didn’t renew the car on itself.

Lawyers different comments on the situation. Some believe that it is necessary to achieve re-registration of the car in the future to avoid such problems. Others believe that to achieve such re-registration from the new owner of the car will not be easy, but to do it sooner or later anyway.

Generally, lawyers say that to pay the fine from Kiev is not worth it. But in order to prove his innocence and avoid a penalty for a nonexistent violation, she will definitely have to go to court to prove that she did not violate traffic rules.

However, some lawyers have expressed doubt that the story is completely untrue and possibly the author of the post about something not telling.


However, some experts note that the situation from Kiev it’s worth to take drastic action.

However, whatever it was, obviously, the citizens that passed, at least temporarily, the right to drive the car to others, you should be careful not to pay fines for third parties.

Recall that the system of auto-commit Overspeed earned in Kiev on 1 June. Since then, the police regularly commits violations of speed limits on the roads of the capital.

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