The Only 3 Hermes Hypercars in the World

The Only 3 Hermes Hypercars in the World


There are only 3 Hermes Hypercars in the world: The Hermes Bugatti Chiron, The Hermes McLaren Speedtail and the Hermes Pagani Huayra. These incredible vehicles all belong to Billionaire Manny Koshbin. Yes, Hermes officially collaborated with Manny to make these cars possible. Today, Manny Koshbin takes us around his Billionaire car collection and shows me what might be the craziest cars in the world.For your chance to Win a Tesla Plaid click here: Thanks to @Manny Khoshbin

this is like a massive handbag i mean this leather here screams hermes handbags these three beauties they belong to manny manny cochran what’s up very good channel so guys uh manny is a massive car collector i’m sure a lot of you already know who he is if you don’t yet know or follow him go give him some love his handle is on the screen right now and all right now this is super special for me because last time i saw you it was over two years ago and we featured the pagani wireless ms edition and it went crazy on the channel yeah crazy on facebook i think it got something like 300 400 million views come on wow now what makes this so special and what ties all these three cars together is they are all one-off airmes editions yes and you’re the only person in the world who has managed to do this yes it wasn’t easy no it took a lot of arm to us yeah what happens is basically um money speaks to each manufacturer so for example mclaren then speaks to pagani speaks to bugatti and says listen i want something super special something that no one else has i want you guys to partner with hermes which is a a boutique like very special leather maker right let’s just start looking i really want to start with the regard this video has been sponsored by thank you guys so so much check out this key awesome little key and an even cooler car right here this is the brand new tesla plaid and you get a chance to win it all taxes and shipping included all you need to do is go right now to this website forward slash blondie do it now for your chance to win let me show you around come with me it’s got over a thousand horsepower this four-door sedan over a thousand horsepower that is more than a la ferrari when you walk up to the car it will automatically open the handles see when you’ve got the key which is quite cool open this up and now look at this steering wheel it’s not round you’ve got a whole new screen in the center here this is 17 inches you’ve also got wireless charging here and that’s in a really handy spot that’s quite cool you just put that there and off it goes it charges when you go into here then you can go to toy box and you can replace the sound of your horn so replace horn i like this function applause so if someone really annoys you you just press this slow clap them off the street i really like that function what’s the real name of the color cray cray so it’s an amaze color and then they had to give this color to bugatti bugatti then specially mixed up this color exclusively for you and this car custom paint uh to put on it’s like a white cream almond milk thank you exactly what it looks like yes even the wheels are dipped in the same paint the bumper everything is same color so in order to make this come to life it took over two years of negotiations isn’t that insane oh yes you do you have the ms horses underneath the wing that is gorgeous so everyone just gets a flash of the horse yeah only time you save and you really break hard all in the same beautiful almond milk color cray and you’ve got the horses again here yeah that’s an hermes fabric cashmere it’s the only time ever been used in a car wow and of course the seats are all designed by hermes they wanted something simple and elegant yes as you know the chiron seeds have a lot of carvings in there yes they wanted something smooth yeah that’s true they made a little pocket for me for my driving gloves on the side here yeah oh that is awesome oh show us your driving gloves we need to see them okay so oh look at this so not only do you get custom paint job custom interior you get customized driving driving gloves same leather amazing have you ever worn these um once once yeah see that’s the thing you don’t want to dirty though and then the tote bag also is the same leather and fabric as inside okay how much just for this bag yeah it’s been a while it’s definitely over 35 000. yeah one was 47 i think this was 35 for 30 seconds and i think your wife stole the other one didn’t you yeah all cars come yeah the car rocked up and she’s like love the car i’m taking the bag it’s the only way she lets me keep ordering cars that’s fair enough and then in here here i’ve never opened it i think it’s uh can you imagine if i got this car i’d be opening everything yeah honestly i’ve never opened it i don’t know what’s in here ah toolkit oh toolkit okay that you’ll never use yeah and of course it comes with this one off one badge and in french it says dressed by hermes one of one dressed by hermes oh i love that yeah here like this is all air maize as well yes is it the edge pattern it does have the sky view yes it was i think 75 000 options yep it makes it nice more bright yeah more light coming in and on a hot day you also cook oh yeah so you can’t frost it out or anything it’s just yeah okay so all up with the custom paint the customization of heirmez interior et cetera et cetera their time was about what 750 800 yeah it was close to four million all in yeah okay because the car base price i think is three million yeah so about a million dollars more to get this of one of one dress by emma’s beautiful beautiful car manny thank you okay so we’ve got the pagani wire which i absolutely adore just look at this color oh my goodness how it shines in the sun this one again has the custom grilles for hermes yes it has a tempest package titanium exhaust bigger wheels tighter suspension yep now yeah these doors are beautiful watch this gorgeous and i’ll open this one up as well look at the drama of this car so this one you featured it in full detail but it’s been two years yeah so you might want to update your viewers every single stitching in this car was all done by hermes even the tool kits and even here i just love the craftsmanship unbelievable on this car and all three of them really but this one is more detailed yeah and what i love is the secret compartments oh yeah they’re so secret that at this point two years later i’ve forgotten where they are oh they’re on there here somewhere right yeah yes you’ve got to unlock that yeah so cool let mean look at this the whole back opens and then you’ve got a carbon fiber like box here that you can open just like this and voila you have more one-off hermes bags made especially for this car and especially for money yeah same same color leather i’m not sure you ever had a car channel so enthused about uh yeah so this back collection costs almost 300 grand a lot more because there is seven piece there’s a little basher but there is more bags here and what’s cool about this one the gear knob is the only one off um in the world with the pagani that says hermes on the gear knob is flat usually they come with their little rounds oh i love that wow actually i haven’t opened this in a very long time yes okay so out of the three you’ve got here today which one is your favorite to drive oh i would have to say the bugatti chiron okay interesting and which is your favorite from a looks perspective actually i don’t know oh my god that’s a gives me a headache thinking about it um maybe the pagani yeah it’s very special don’t ask me hard questions okey dokey so moving on to the third and final of the three unique hey ms editions we have the mclaren speedtail look at this little pouch here that was made especially by hermes as well yeah and there is the key now watch what happens just hold down the open button and you’ve got the drama of the doors opening together it’s like an eagle yes opening its wings beautiful oh they’re called this yeah just usually you never see this on a car yeah that was a nice touch you know like on pagani i put the italian flag on one meter and french flag another one that’s why i put the coordinates of both factory hermes yes in france in uk i really like that idea it actually says dress by hermes right yes mclaren speed test chassis number 24 one of one 24. and along here the side you’ve got the hermes h’s and they kind of fade into the blue that’s beautiful do they give you all of the ideas or do you go to them and say this is exactly what i want no no no no hermes is uh almost 200 year old company they’re very set on stone what they want with their name on it’s okay so they said they want blue this is a best blue which is a very popular rms color yeah in their handbags so they i wanted orange and they said no and you know can you imagine paying a company you know hundreds and thousands of dollars and you don’t even get to say what you want you know but you know it’s a hermes course you gotta go easy and it you know i trusted them with my hira the first one yes they said brown and i sent me the pictures you look really awful and then my wife says you know butt out they’re doing the cards let them do it yeah then when they then the car arrived i’m like oh my god yes now what i love is the interior guys you’ve got to see this this is like a massive handbag i mean this leather here screams hermes handbags is a vintage leather they wanted to do so it scratches really easy yeah wow this is this was designed by arames the other ones come with a clasp and then of course the entire cabin is wrapped by arms fabric and it’s the only macular and the rest of them come with exposed you know flat carbon i believe yes this is the only one that’s completely wrapped in fabric here yeah did you get to choose money the uh difference here in color the white in the middle and the yeah they want a darker fabric and i wanted the contrast being the car is dark blue yeah i wanted the brightest fabric they had and this was it yes um unfortunately with that it comes up you know it’s very prone to get stained fingerprints yeah but this one is the one i wear has a hazmat suit and also i take off my shoes or i put blue shoes and also white gloves are required to be in this car you know what i love the h’s here in the back yeah this really it’s subtle but it does you can definitely tell it’s an air maze edition from the back with those h’s guys like the vid subscribe to the channel if you haven’t joined us yet i’d love for you to join the family and also make sure you subscribe to manny’s channel as well if you want to see more of his incredible cars he’s got so many of them and you’re actually opening up a whole new space yes i’m buying a much bigger building yeah in orange county because i’m running out of room here yes yeah so that that gives you an idea of how many cool cars he has so go give him a follow and you can see what’s happening behind the scenes on manny’s channel which one did you want to take me out in the showroom yeah all right i know you’ve driven a chiron but the other air message no that’s true i have not driven an ambush all right it’s my turn let’s do this oh don’t be shy now don’t be oh shy god that’s what everyone says when i get in their cars and i’m like you do realize this is not my car right all right drive it’s incredibly powerful just when you think that there’s no more power to give it gives you so much more it just keeps oh my god oh my god seriously well the title of that video is going to be supercar blondie almost crashes my one of one bugatti chiron hermes edition i think we both lost a few pounds on that one the guy was going so fast it didn’t even look he had to yield but the guy didn’t yield he was like why i didn’t even see the car i mean manny was like stop i’m like oh oh my god that was so close manny so close all right okay um that has been awesome manny you’re a champion thank you so so much for letting me drive your incredible car and showing you know everyone it’s my pleasure and i can’t wait to see you again soon i’m going to be back in l.a lots and lots over the next couple of years um and that’s it for the channel love you guys i hope you like the video give me a like you know come on just do it for the team and follow the super cover on the account i’d love to have you with us all right you

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