The only existing TVR Griffith will soon go on the road

The only existing TVR Griffith will soon go on the road


Clients of the firm TVR received a letter in which the head of the company Leslie Edgar has revealed plans for the model of Griffith. A conceptual prototype of the coupe was shown in 2017 and prior to 2020 on the project is not remembered.

According to Autocar, the letter Edgar says that the only existing prototype of the Griffith certified for public roads in the coming months the company will start testing. In addition, TVR agreed with Ford about using five-liter Coyote V8 engine from the Mustang. How much horsepower will give this unit at Griffith not specified (according to preliminary data, about 506 HP). The Mustang its impact reached 412 horsepower.

It is planned to release the first batch Griffith in the performance of the Launch Edition – the edition is 500 copies, and almost all of them already przekazana. In order to request a purchase of this model, clients needed to pay the first installment in the amount of six thousand euros.


However, customers are unlikely to receive their cars in the near future as work on the project is slow. According to British media reports, the plant in Ebba-vail, where they will collect the serial Griffith, in need of repair and TVR appealed to the Welsh Assembly government with a request for assistance in this matter.

As for the prototype Griffith the year 2017, it is based on the chassis of carbon fiber and steel. Overall length of the car is 4314 mm, width – 1850 mm and height – 1239 mm. The engine is located behind the front axle and is combined with a six-speed manual transmission Termec. According to preliminary data, from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour coupe accelerates in less than four seconds and top speed is 320 kilometers per hour.

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