The owner turned his electric car Tesla Model 3 in the sled

The owner turned his electric car Tesla Model 3 in the sled


Canadian named Michael has converted a Tesla Model 3 in hybrid electric vehicle and snowmobile to drive it on the snowy descent. For this he enlisted the support of the firm Mullin Manufacturing, which helped to replace the rear wheels on the tracks. With the test car coped, difficulties arose only on one of the steep slopes.

For was based on the Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus, which costs about 40 thousand dollars. Cruising range of this electric car is 409 km, the maximum speed is 255 kilometres per hour and acceleration from zero to “hundreds” takes 5.6 seconds. The complexity of the project lay in the fact that after replacing the wheels on the caterpillar design of the electric car took a load during extreme downhill.


Video Michael has already been seen more than 13.7 thousand people. In comments to the blogger to suggest new ideas for projects – make sleds from Model 3 electric vehicle or set of tracks on a pickup Cybertruck.

In different years the caterpillars tried on several models of Nissan such as the Altima sedan, Murano crossover and Pathfinder SUV. And in the fall of 2018 in Canada sold the limousine Cadillac Brougham 1989, the body of which was installed on the platform of Bombardier Skidozer snow groomer SV250.

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