The patent hints at the possible development of Mazda RX-9

The patent hints at the possible development of Mazda RX-9


New patent could give some details of the future model. The car will receive zone programmable deformation, unusual for the current line of Mazda. The image schematically shows the structure of the engine compartment and suspension components.

Discovered a new patent from 12.09.2019 Mazda reveals new details of the sports car with a Wankel engine. It suggests a compact hood space with unusual architecture for the Japanese brand. In the explanation to the patent there is a remark that shows the structure is effective not only in front but in the rear of the body.

Feature of the new architecture of the power structure of the new platform is the integration of the body space frame. Area programmable deformation can protect the interior cabin space from the displacements in case of an accident, which will ensure safety for passengers. The front suspension is also unusual, and has double wishbones are normally associated with roadsters.


Judging by the compact under hood space, the product can obtain the new version of a rotary motor. In all likelihood, the new sports car will be a completely new model, but kept the spirit of the Mazda RX-8.

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