The People Who Buy Private Islands!

The People Who Buy Private Islands!


I saw Dubai’s most iconic buildings from the sky today! This is the first time I’ve taken a helicopter ride in the 10 years I’ve lived here and it was awesome! Big thanks to @mallorcapro for showing me some of the biggest off-market commercial deals in the city. They’ve been buying and selling all the properties most of us don’t know are even for sale! Hotels, hospitals, malls and entire communities. Chances are you won’t find the offer in newspapers or listed on the internet and that’s when you need people with a network of connections.The founder @fakhreddin_offical also shows me around a Penthouse worth 12 million dollars!For any commercial real estate contact them on:Follow me on:This video was sponsored by Mallorca Properties Dubai.

that’s an H Wapner cool license wait f8 12 for re8 of Awesome once that exhaust opens very nice check this out let’s go party this embezzler Wow private island but this property right here that you’re filming that’s why we saw the 12 million dollar apartment the penthouse are in today so is lying directly above not so we just went on subversion Elaraby us from the other side there are two major locations the brewery other we just lost and million that’s all the buildings well is about Khalifa I think that would be fine of Sheikh Mohammed actually in flag if all face was made out of flags out on the beat it’s the most Khalifa the tallest building in the world we have the Chairman with us of my own authorities Sarah commercial property deals if I have been handled by my local company fair enough floors and winning a commercial property specialist and the shamon deals with every client personally there’s something you find over right on our way from Paris one of my big interview done recently the cover idiot came to the market five to tell the tale we are about to see a twelve million dollar penthouse in Dubai what can twelve million dollars get you and I’ve got the card right here when you live in the penthouse it doesn’t stop at any other pause so no one can interrupt you no I’m sorry oh you’re here too Wow what do we can’t release every day so this is the men made islands that I’m sure you’ve seen it is in the shape of a palm tree so that is where we are right now we’re right at the end of that palm tree you can see palm jumeirah from space how big is this 13,000 ascore feet entire flow 360-degree sea view and that terrassa can have a party maybe to 500 people do you have 500 friends know me would you guys ever fight on the friends who is the sort of person apply something I can say the certain people who are already our clients that they purchase a commercial property is a guy who buy a whole hotel or full building or hospital or school this is the place they might choose to own one when they are here so you were a commercial property specialist yeah basically you sell things that you can’t otherwise get your hands on like you want to buy a hotel how do you do that you know it is it is off market and because we are here from beginning of Freehold from 2002 people know that if there is a commercial deal yeah they come and listed with us we come confidentially take care of things right the main key of commercial properties is need to be confidential right to keep all the rights of the buyer and seller and their business what’s the coolest project you’ve worked on I know you’re not going to name names but but yeah biggest or the biggest deal I’ve done already it was an entire community with 2,200 apartment 58 villas really with school flood with shopping mall plot the whole thing is for a million square feet in one transit Yeah right look at all these whites going through that I’m squinting yeah yeah you realize there’s not a single light on yeah sorry right oh look at it’s bad for me Oh massive everything you salad I know two showers on our way to each other its massive well so that’s what twelve million dollars gets you in Dubai this this is what you get that’s when you know it like we’ve made it Hank you’ve made it look infinity pool straight out what they did I just heard is they brought in an Italian company and for 24 hours they took photos of the sea and then they matched those colors that they saw every hour of the day to the pool and that’s why they’ve got all of these different colored tiles in the pool so that it doesn’t matter what time of day you’re standing here the pool is the same color as the ocean in front the private beach which is what you want in your life Wow you just literally walk from the pen town straight on to your private beach

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