The plastic “Gaelic” on the basis of “Niva” asked half a million hryvnia

The plastic “Gaelic” on the basis of “Niva” asked half a million hryvnia

In the Parking lot of one of the dealers of Lada in Togliatti appeared SUV “Stalker”, created by “Apal” on the basis of Lada 4×4.

New LADA 4×4 from the independent company “Apal” and based on the original “Field”. In the documents model is listed as Apal-21541. The SUV received an entirely new three-door body, built on the basis of a spatial frame of steel tubes sheathed by plastic panels.

Model LADA “Stalker”, was created in the early 2000s. Since that time, the project was constantly trying to restart, and only in 2016 it was done. The model was pre-certified and received the cu Tr on a limited edition of 150 units.

As the power unit uses the standard 1.7-liter engine, paired with the “mechanics” and standard all-wheel drive system. The model has several significant advantages over standard LADA 4×4. “Stalker” got canonical a brutal design, not fundamentally rotting body, not afraid of scratches, a lower curb weight and increased permeability.

Also, the frame body and plastic panels mean the wide possibility of configuration. Project history is long and fascinating. He was even about to gather in Germany on the basis of the Renault Duster with an initial price tag of 15 000 euros.

By design, the model resembles a budget “Gaelic”. Length – 3 550 mm and width 1 645 mm and a height of 1 mm. 751 Now the model is on sale in a single copy with a black body color. The cost is 19 $ 100.

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