The police appeared BMW M3 to combat street racing

The police appeared BMW M3 to combat street racing


The fleet of the Australian police added “charged” sedan BMW M3 in the body F80. Trehobemnyh applies to cars covert patrol and deprived of the insignia of the police, but resident of Canberra managed to capture the “emka” in all its glory during the event.

To recognize in the bright sedan color San Marino Blue nerafinirovannoye the car of militiamen it is possible by placer diode signals special red-and-blue colors: strobe lights placed behind the windscreen, top and bottom of the rear window, in the front bumper and behind the rear door window. Probably “m” prevents violations of the speed limit on country roads and city sedan was on the increase.


Under the bonnet of the BMW M3 F80-liter “byturbulence the” power of 431 horsepower and a torque of 550 Nm. The sedan is gaining first “hundred” in 4.1 seconds and can accelerate to 280 kilometers per hour with the package M Driver. While the Australian police has not commented on reports in the local press about the emergence of high-performance utility vehicle – perhaps the authorities do not advertise the novelty of the specifics of the operational work.

For the police of Australia a car”catch-up” is nothing new. The service in the “Green continent” has long been the eight-cylinder Holden Commodore, and in the last two years for the prevention of road traffic safety the police received livery of the Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 S Coupe and Mercedes-AMG E 43.

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