The police of Kiev began to massively fined for entering on the strip of public transport

The police of Kiev began to massively fined for entering on the strip of public transport


In Kiev, a new patrol police began to keep watch on traffic lanes of public transport during peak hours and massively fined for check in on them.

As reported by CTS, in an interview with Hmarochos said the mayor of Kiev Maxim Bakhmatov.

He leads the coordination group on planning and improvement of traffic in the capital Kyiv Traffic Group, which should regularly measure the traffic in Kiev. The group also will work with Uber, Bolt, Uklon and Waze for information about the traffic in the capital.

“Already there are first results of work of the group. We agreed with the police, they will be on duty during peak hours (from seven to ten in the morning and from five to eight in the evening) for 12 public transport lanes and will issue tickets to those who drives,” said Bakhmatov.


According to the adviser of the mayor for the first five days of police surveillance over traffic lanes for public transport were issued fines for a total amount about 1 million UAH.

“You know how much we made on the fines for five days? About one million hryvnias, 2 thousand in penalties from 15 to 20 October. Now these lanes are free, they use public transport as cars on these lanes to stop now is dangerous,” he said.

At the same time, Bakhmatov noted that some drivers regularly stop at the lanes for public transport.

“The camera has recorded 27 vehicles every day call on the strip of public transport in the street Vernadsky. I asked our IT Department to make this list. Now you can say: “you, you and You – ragul. Create a danger for cyclists. Not normally allowed to drive public transport. We will find you, punish and rape. Morally, of course.” And that’s all you can do with smart city technologies,” he said.

The next puff will be the case?

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