The police will tighten control over compliance with traffic rules

The police will tighten control over compliance with traffic rules


The Ministry of Internal Affairs announces a number of measures designed to discipline drivers. Moreover, this is not only about toughening punishment.

Traffic violations in Ukraine will be fought with new methods. The Ministry of Internal Affairs is planning a number of innovations designed to improve road safety. This was reported on the 2 + 2 channel.

In particular, auto-fix cameras will soon be able to measure the average speed of movement on a certain section of the road. This method is both effective and saves money.

“This will allow not to put a lot of cameras on the roads, but to put only two – at the entrance and exit from the highway, to measure, the permitted average speed has not been exceeded”, – said the adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs Anton Gerashchenko.

Also, soon, ordinary citizens will be able to record violations using a smartphone and send photos and videos to the police using a special mobile application. Moreover, it will even be possible to make money on this.

In addition, the return of the penalty points system is planned, and regular traffic offenders will be sent to retake driving exams.

Finally, they plan to increase the punishment for drivers who got behind the wheel after being deprived of their rights. According to Anton Gerashchenko, the increase in the fine to UAH 20,000 did not help, and therefore the violators would face arrest.

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