The policy of electrification: Volkswagen ID.4 and the introduction of hybrids

The policy of electrification: Volkswagen ID.4 and the introduction of hybrids


Instead of Geneva online presentation from Wolfsburg. Well, this deck is nice to announce the launch of the first electric crossover Volkswagen this year (sold to ID.4 will be in Europe, the United States and China).

The model is built on a modular platform electric MEB. First series go version with rear-wheel drive, a little later will be wheel-drive version. The company claims a “very well balanced” weight distribution on the axes due to the orientation of the battery in the center of the bottom of the car.


The maximum mileage on a single charge, officially announced by the manufacturer is 500 km (but there will be also versions with less capacious battery), the indicator is achieved and also due to the aerodynamic elements of the body. As for the interior design, the claimed control of the vehicle mainly using the touch technology and voice commands.

By 2025, VW plans to cut the total emissions of the model range by a third (to 2050 to completely abandon the internal combustion engine). Therefore, ID.3 and ID.4 are for manufacturer’s key models. According to the company, in the process of electrification of the model range is now invested one billion euros. Not to mention the fact that in the model lineup, there are more hybrid models.

Volkswagen Touareg R

Including “charged” version of R flagship of the Volkswagen Touareg will also get a hybrid powertrain: 340-HP gasoline V6 (3.0 TSI) with an electric motor (a built-in 8-speed automatic transmission) 136 HP share a common return 462 of power and 800 Nm of torque. 14.1-kilowatt battery is able to provide “mileage, sufficient for everyday driving” and a maximum speed of 140 km/h on pure electric power mode (E-Mode).

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