The Pope moved to budget pickup truck from Nissan

The Pope moved to budget pickup truck from Nissan


Pope Francis was first seen in public in his new popemobile. It is made on the basis of an old pickup Nissan NP300, better known under the name Navara, which released in 1997 without any changes.

The modification for the head of the Catholic Church differs with a transparent canopy in the body that protects against inclement weather, as well as handrails that Dad can stay on during movement. Also in the back mounted seat.


All changes that were made to the car, meet the requirements of the Vatican. On revision, the authors of the popemobile took about three months.

In the 60s the Pope could meet on a modified Lincoln Continental, he later moved to Mercedes-Benz S-Class, and then Dad noticed on the M-class from the same manufacturer. Pickup from Nissan was the first Japanese in the history of the popemobile.

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