The Porcelain Bugatti – L’Or Blanc!

The Porcelain Bugatti – L’Or Blanc!


This rarely seen L’Or Blanc is delivered to me in Dubai for just a day so I can see it in person and share this masterpiece with you!! This is the world’s second only look at this exclusive one of one Bugatti. The only other arranged video is the making of this car in 2011 by Bugatti itself. What makes it so special? This Veyron Grand Sport is the first vehicle ever made, that incorporates porcelain details on both the inside and the outside of the car. For more infoêveur – PEYRUIS[No Copyright Music] Cha-Cha-Cha – Dj QuadsNo Copyright Music] Paradise – Ikson

what’s up guys this is super couple deep you won’t believe what’s about to happen we are about to get access to one of the most exclusive likely cars in the world alright so the truck is just around the corner there’s been a specially shipped in to Dubai today just so that we can get access to this and show you guys just how amazing this car is so let’s go check it out the crazy thing is guys this car has only ever been filmed once before and that was how it was made and since then there’s only a handful of like car-spotting videos in Monaco VAT driving around on the streets no one else has had exclusive access to this car until now you and me we’re gonna get in this car and I’m gonna show you around and we also we’re getting at access and a big thing is to augment from refine marks for arranging this whole thing no lumpiness no saint grace that is the goal of today’s video some otherwise she’s shot demanding I don’t know what you did yesterday no sleep that’s why cuz I was super excited oh my god that shaking this is cool box for ice cream it is a one of one there is no other car in the world like the one in it can you believe just looking at this truck right now that it would hold something that exclusive it could be anything you want a sneak peek should we go around the back we have some mad you wonder okay so we’re just about to see what’s inside stop the press it’s a copy that’s the first team it’s not just any Bugatti though this is a one of one who got II rarely rarely seen across the world because it’s been out for several years but no one has really been allowed to film on until now yes no one has ever had access to this particle besides Bugatti summer even you don’t know what car this is right are you serious it’s translated in the Royal Muslim factors and so what this Bugatti is is a collaboration between that porcelain factory and Bugatti itself the only one of them beautiful these Detailers Oh this is the party mayor on Grand Sport blah blah meaning white gold because when we get it out into the sunshine the white shines so brilliantly it’s like why it’s gold the crazy special thing about this car is that this is the first part in the world to have porcelain on the outside of the car and on the inside of the car so we’re going to go around check out the car and see just what makes it so special but here’s the first detail here that’s full of porcelain Oh summer has to kill enemy now we know who somebody is summer thank you so much here’s the key summer there is one key missing you know which key this is the speed the speed where is the speed key summer you need the key yep do it somewhere we can take the seat cover it off yes really oh my god only for Alec oh look I found the speed key it’s here waiting for you already in there ah nice that unlocks the top speed we’ll the horsepower the extra horsepower of the card so just leave in there you need them yeah I need that for later maybe not for reversing out of the truck but we could track and look you guys know I never wear heels so I’ve got my wedges on specially today just to honor this book a hottie are you ready guys actually going to turn this on fasten your seatbelts we’re going for a run all right ready summer I know like nearly known as other access to this call that telling me something yes how many people have driven this the owner only you Wow you are the third person that I have this Cup yeah Wow that’s an honor please follow and subscribe the super car blondie that the one and only Wow even though these were thrilled my heart’s racing did you see it get revealed in the light are beautiful this I’m not sure if I can get out do I need to get it well well well look at the Sun shimmering off that it catches the light this is the first car in the world to have fine china or porcelain on the outside for example here this is all porcelain here as well so first car in the world to have porcelain on the outside and the inside so here’s another person feature on all of the wheels the bugatti logo as well here this is all handmade handcrafted porcelain into the shade so we can talk about it the sun’s coming out outside getting quiet this is a piece of art I just want to show you this is dancing elephant here the story behind this is that the founder of firm Bugatti his younger brother was a sculptor and this is one of his sculptures this dancing elephant and you can see this actually this was on one of the Bugattis in the late 20s on the radiator on top of the radiator as as an ornament and now they’ve got it here as part of their porcelain features his name the younger brother was Rembrandt Bugatti so he kind of gifted this sculpture to his older brother who founded production so there you are a piece of history so Bugatti himself always wanted to combine materials unconventional materials that you wouldn’t usually see in a car in cars and they’ve kind of continued on his legacy in that way by teaming up with a porcelain factory and Korea hitting this masterpiece I mean you just look at it and it could just be on show forever no all of this these are all hand-painted lines weld the months when you think of having porcelain in a car you got a Bugatti actually said I had to do some serious impact testing to make sure that you know if something really did happen that it would still be safe to have all of this porcelain on the car so that was one of the major challenges incorporating porcelain fine china into a car and one in the world I can’t believe walking at this should be because this was beautiful right now but when you take the roof off here to take off the roof and there’s a the same button on that side so we’ve need to press that both at the same time let’s see how we go so precedently my songs a week okay let’s definitely we’re going from a buck back from back good yeah is this the most expensive thing you’ve ever heard probably cost me on the ground no summit where should we put it I would think do we have people just to stand by and hey there’s a blond hair oh my god it’s always nerve-racking like taking pieces off cars don’t want anything to happen so here it is let me show the door look at this beauty the top I love that this isn’t some a trouble in the front right doesn’t that give it such a beautiful look instead of it having both of these lines I think it looks so stunning how it’s one line up here and in the white you can see how different you know from the shade it’s quite a dark blue and then in the light you can see from the top this gets quite white so the colors are always changing porcelain here show me this porcelain here oh this one yeah this is cool so this is all porcelain KPM that stands for the royal of porcelain factory yeah here you’ve got the dancing elephant and that’s all porcelain of course just the idea itself right is just so unique I mean it’s just it’s like yeah it’s like having artwork in your car it’s staged there it’s like hanging it on your wall at home but you’re kind of hanging it on your car when the wind goes down the front is so we can get over the speed bumps if you buy so that’s the only way you can get over otherwise if you lift the wing on tips down having in your garage honestly if you came down every day and you got to look at this in your garage when that just make me happy you Oh servos sound amazing doesn’t it sounds like no other car I’ve ever driven I hope you guys can hear that it really everything in this card makes you smile I always job I was the right I’ll pinch myself crazy okay that’s it guys I hope you’ve enjoyed this it’s cool look at the long walk I know I have this is insane for me this this might have made my year but definitely my year a big big big big thanks to refine marks who organised to ship this car in for us to have a look at today please make sure to follow them like like and subscribe please and if you do we’ll have access to more of these new great of all cars thank you so so much for watching the final question is who wants to own it and in them yes just just a small souvenir the same note alone

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