The Porsche Cayenne has been prepared for African roads

The Porsche Cayenne has been prepared for African roads


This “Cayenne” had a chance to see a lot in your life – for example, from the heart to travel to South Africa.

The first crossover brand Porsche at the time, caused the fans a lot of questions, but in the end it turned out that the bet in Zuffenhausen have made the right. Now Cayenne is considered one of the most popular models of the brand, although hardly anyone of the owners would risk a dip for “Cayenne” in the full dirt.

But not so the Porsche Cayenne prepared by the German tuning Studio Delta 4×4 specifically for the customer from Austria named Shane Oosthuizen. Why would he need off-road in a Cayenne and what was his fate, Shane told the publication Crazy About Porsche.

Owner of extravagant crossover lived and worked in Austria, but when the term of his contract came to an end, Shane decided to go home to South Africa. And to make it their own – on the Porsche Cayenne, which, on the occasion of the upcoming transcontinental trip and passed rigorous training.


According to Oosthuizen, the construction of the SUV took about a year. Delta 4×4 have focused mainly on refining the powertrain and suspension: the first provided low range and locking differentials, the second in General left a regular, but modified the control unit of the gas strut to the suspension in order to increase the range in which it is possible to vary the ground clearance. In addition, the Cayenne got a brand 20-inch wheels Delta Klassik B with off-road Cooper tires.

Along the way, the crossover was supplied with the forwarding trunk, which contained a tent and a canister for 40 additional liters of fuel, almost rally “chandelier”, a large organizer in the trunk and a full spare wheel.

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