The Porsche company introduced the concept of electric flying car

The Porsche company introduced the concept of electric flying car


Porsche presented the concept of a flying car capable of vertical takeoff and landing.

A few months after it became known that Porsche and Boeing will jointly work on creating a flying car, in the Internet appeared the patent application of the German automaker, reports Kommentarii. Thanks to it you can see how it will look in the aircraft. Patent, outdoor Taycan EV Forum, was filed in the patent and trademark office July 2, 2019 and issued on 9 January 2020. He describes aircraft capable of vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) and includes a series of basic drawings.

In the car you can see the four large screws. Two of these screws are at the bottom to provide traction up or down. Also back are several large fans, which can also be turned down to pull the vehicle from the ground and then rotated 90 degrees to direct the VTOL aircraft forward. Small cabin with Seating for two people is also well visible. The patent describes how the aircraft is fully electric.


In the framework of the Memorandum of understanding signed Porsche and Boeing, both companies will “explore in many ways the market for urban aerial mobility and the extension of urban traffic in the airspace”. Both companies have confirmed that they are developing an electric vertical takeoff and landing apparatus, but to call it just a concept. It is not confirmed whether this concept of the VTOL aircraft shown in these patents.

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