The Porsche Panamera is preparing to set a record in nürburgring

The Porsche Panamera is preparing to set a record in nürburgring


Version five-door sports fastback Porsche Panamera that was seen on the race track, allegedly have been able to pass the coveted the distance in 7 minutes, 10 seconds. It is noteworthy that this car is not quite the Panamera, which we’re used to seeing. Machine bidding for the absolute record among sedans.

Over the past few months we have seen how Porsche tests the test prototypes of its popular Panamera fastback at nürburgring race track. Some of these images point to a quick presentation of the new version of the model, and some say that engineers are preparing a more powerful execution model.

Our foreign colleagues report that the German carmaker is testing the fastest version of a machine that will be able to establish an absolute record in nürburgring among sedans.

A special version of the Panamera, as they say, by as much as 249 kg lighter than conventional execution models – it was decided to abandon a large number of sound-absorbing material and the sound system, the interior panels and seats. The driver sits on the special racing chair, next to which is the passenger seat from 718 Cayman. There is no mention of the back of the couch, but if the experts of the company wanted to facilitate the car, no extra rear seats are no more.


Further, the report States that the Panamera uses sticky Michelin tires, and the 4.0-liter engine Twin-Turbo V8 tuned to the production of 750 horsepower capacity. I must say that this is a very big jump from the standard Panamera Turbo. There are rumors about the appearance of the 820-strong version of the model, but this car is likely to receive a plug-in hybrid setup.

It is reported that the Porsche pilots have been able to show an unofficial time of 7 minutes 11 seconds, which is enough to claim absolute record in nürburgring among sedans. I also note that while the official comment from the German brand has not been received.

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