The Porsche tuner has decided to release its own 800-horsepower supercar

The Porsche tuner has decided to release its own 800-horsepower supercar

After modifications Porsche tuning house Gemballa has planned creation of the original model. The machine should show in 2020, and to start production in 2022-m.

Firm Gemballa has made a name for himself on the refinement of Porsche cars and products of other manufacturers, but now the company seems to have decided to be among the creators of their own machines.

For the first time since 2010 Gemballa is looking for investors who would help to start production of a new supercar. While the model is in the form of a teaser, but tuning is highly ambitious plans for her.

Machine the authors of the project describe exclusively in glowing terms, calling it “radical”, “radical”, “clean” and “luxury”. Owner and managing Director of Gemballa Steffen Korbach stated that we are talking about aggressive, in terms of design the car which will be equipped with a powerful engine returns no less than 800 HP.

The only teaser we can see what we are talking about mid-engine coupe with sophisticated aerodynamics. Unknown only one thing – will the new Gemballa entirely proprietary, or else the model will fall some of the existing vehicles such as the Porsche 911.

About the technical details first own car in the Gemballa is silent. It is expected that the clients prototypes of the supercar show in the near future, and tests the first copies will be released in 2020. As for total production, if it will be collected the necessary funds, supercar Gemballa will launch in 2022. How much will the car and how many copies it will make is unknown.

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