The President of the United States will “cheat” automakers

The President of the United States will “cheat” automakers


US President Joe Biden has revised and tightened vehicle emission standards. The program canceled under Donald Trump will be implemented at an accelerated pace. Carmakers will have to produce a lot more electric cars than expected. By 2030, the share of environmentally friendly transport should be 40%.

On the revision of the strategy for combating environmental pollution in the United States. The news has already caused serious concern among automakers. The US authorities will seriously tighten the standards on harmful emissions of cars on the local market. The program is expected to be officially adopted next week.

Joe Biden is confident that America will be able to cut greenhouse gas emissions by at least half by 2030. Transport, which is the main source of pollution, will play an important role in this.

From 2023, California’s 2019 standards will be used. This will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 3.7% per year. From 2025, automakers will be required to increase the fuel efficiency and environmental friendliness of their vehicles by 5%. In 2026 and beyond, the figure will grow to 6-7%. You will have to improve your performance every year.

Such harsh measures will force automakers to abandon the production and sale of models with gasoline and diesel engines. Within the framework of the program, it is planned to spend about $ 2 trillion on the development of charging infrastructure, as well as on stimulating sales of electric cars (tax credits and incentives).

The most interesting thing about this news is different. The Americans, it seems, do not want to switch to electric cars yet. Currently, there is an increased demand in the United States for the least environmentally friendly cars – SUVs and pickups. They account for about three quarters of all vehicle sales. The share of electric cars in the local market is only 2%.

As for automakers, three brands – Tesla, Honda and Subaru – are doing the best in terms of environmental compliance. The rest have to pay extra to the budget or sell other people’s electric cars with their own nameplates.

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