The price of diesel fell below 20 UAH/l At any gas station?

The price of diesel fell below 20 UAH/l At any gas station?


The price of diesel fuel in networks, “Avantage” and Prime fell below 20 UAH/l, according to the daily price monitoring “Consulting group A-95”.

The company “Avantage” on 9 April at the stations in the Metropolitan area have lowered prices by 50 kopecks/liter, to 19.45 UAH/L. Prime gas station on their trades 19,70 UAH/l. the head of the company Dmitry Leushkin enkorr announced that from April 10, is planned to decrease to 19.50 UAH/liter. According to reports, the sharp decline in prices planning a network of gas stations Marshal.


To around 20,00 UAH/l on the stele are approaching the operators of economy segment – “BRSM-Nafta” and Mango.

For example, the Belarusian Republican youth Union at the capital’s stations on April 9 reduced prices by 30 kopecks./l, to 20.49 UAH/L. Mango in the same region keeps the price on the stele of 20.39 UAH/liter.

The average retail price of diesel fuel, according to the daily retail monitoring “Consulting group A-95”, April 9, is of 23.90 UAH/liter. Price economy segment depending on the region ranging 20,40–21,99 UAH/liter, the premium networks – 24,00–25,40 UAH/liter.

Recall that at around 20 UAH/l, the average retail price of diesel fuel was at the end of October 2016

The average price of diesel fuel in the wholesale segment, April 9, according to “Consulting group A-95”, dropped to 15.00 UAH/liter, on a private basis prices fell below 14,50 UAH/liter.

Earlier in the program “Makaronina” Adam Sikorski, President of UNIMOT (a network of AVIA filling stations in Ukraine and Poland) noted that on the Polish market in early April, a small company discount first went to a more aggressive lower prices, which ultimately has significantly lowered the average retail margin in the market. According to him, the increase marginale retail sales in the first phase allow network companies to minimize losses from the collapse of implementation, which, in particular, in Poland amounted to 20-30%.

As reported by enkorr, retailers have begun to cut prices from 20 of March. During this period, prices fell to an average of 2 UAH/l. this week the decline in retail prices has slowed.


The experts of “Consulting group A-95” expect gasoline and diesel fuel will continue to become cheaper in the retail segment, however the limiting factor is the fall in retail sales in a quarantine on average 30-40%.

Recall also that in the first quarter of 2020, primarily due to the devaluation of the hryvnia, the prices of gasoline and diesel fuel in Ukraine has decreased by 23-24% (to $0,26/l and $0,27/liter), to $0,89/l and $0,86/l, respectively.

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