The production of electric cars I Jaguar-Pace stopped

The production of electric cars I Jaguar-Pace stopped


According to British media reports, for a week it was stopped the production of environmentally friendly crossover due to the lack of batteries.

Recall that the car was actually manufactured in Graz, Austria, a supplier of the company is the company Magna, while the lithium-ion cells supplied by LG Chem (European plant in Poland).

We were a bit surprised that Jaguar is unable to continue production due to the supply of batteries, as sales of Jaguar I-Pace in 2019 is not so large – about 18 thousand cars.


Taking into account the battery capacity 90 kW/h by car, the required flow battery will be 135 MW/h per month or of 1.62 GWh a year.

If the report is correct, we believe that the LG Chem plant may not be ready for large-scale production because, according to rumors, the supply of batteries for Novyy Audi e-tron and Mercedes-Benz EQC is a serious problem.

The positive aspect is that the stop is temporary, and once the problem is solved, Jaguar will be able to resume sales of its electric models.

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