The prototype of the serial Tesla Cybertruck was noticed on the street

The prototype of the serial Tesla Cybertruck was noticed on the street


A prototype of the acclaimed Tesla Cybertruck pickup truck was spotted on the street, reports. As you can see in the photo, the electric car does not have door handles, as previously stated by Elon Musk.

Of course, for many, this is not a revelation, but some fans were skeptical about such innovations, rightly believing that the Cybertruck products are likely to acquire traditional door opening elements. Nevertheless, the prototype of the car, which got into the lenses of photo spies, does not have any.

Recall that on the very first copy of the pickup, which was demonstrated a couple of years ago, the door handles were the most common, but Elon Musk hastened to assure that modern electric vehicles do not need them. But how, then, to get into the car? According to the Tesla CEO, everything is simple – a modern intelligent system automatically identifies the owner and opens the doors to the salon for him.

It doesn’t make any sense to be surprised at this, because such a system exists on the serial crossover Model X. However, that was a test of the pen, therefore, ordinary pens were present. At Cybertruck, this technology should go to a qualitatively new level.

But will there be any way to physically open the door? So far, no official information has been received on this matter, but there is such a possibility, since Musk understands the imperfection of his own technologies and possible miscalculations.

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