The range of McLaren will become a fully hybrid

The range of McLaren will become a fully hybrid


In the next three to four years, the ruler of the McLaren will become a fully hybrid. The first rechargeable luxury car built on a new platform and is equipped with an electric all-wheel drive, will show through 2020.

In an interview with Car and Driver, Executive Director of McLaren Mike Flewitt revealed the company’s plans for the coming years. So, in the spring the company will unveil a new platform and hybrid powertrain, in which will be based on the V6 engine. The first model is built on this “truck” will be a four-wheel drive supercar with electric motor on the front axle and dynamics better than Senna. From zero to 60 mph (97 kilometers per hour), the new McLaren will be able to accelerate for 2.3 seconds and pass on electricity 24-32 kilometers.


After three or four years McLaren it hybridises its lineup. And benzoelektrosila supercars will be just 30 kilograms heavier than conventional machines. As for fully battery models, such the British company may receive in 30 years, according to Fluitt. Li-ion batteries are too heavy and solid-state mass production to fall before the middle of next decade.

Now in the line McLaren is a hybrid Speedtail (used traditional parallel installation diagram). His unit develops 1050 horsepower and propels the coupe to 403 kilometers an hour – a record for road cars of the brand. The design of the supercar uses a lot of unusual materials. For example, carbon-coated titanium, which can be given any color with anodizing.

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