The rapid tests for the detection of the virus Covid-19 has already been developed

The rapid tests for the detection of the virus Covid-19 has already been developed


Components supplier Bosch has developed a rapid test for the coronavirus. With the help of special devices medical staff around the world can obtain diagnostic data after 2.5 hours after testing. Under normal conditions it takes one or two days.

This was reported on the website of the Corporation.

Device Bosch Vivalytic developed in just six weeks, in collaboration with the Irish technology company Randox Laboratories. Analyzer is a versatile and fully automated platform for molecular diagnostics: the doctor only need to take a swab of the lining of the nose or throat, put him on a special cartridge that already contains all the necessary reagents, and to wait for the result.

Precision Bosch Vivalytic – 95 percent, and a full analysis of the material takes only 2.5 hours. The device checks not only the presence of the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, but nine respiratory illnesses, including influenza A and B. an average of 100 such devices during the day, will process 1,000 tests already exceeds the rate of new infections, said the developer. No special training is required, so Vivalytic can use doctors around the world.


Automakers also are trying by all means to help in the fight against infection. General Motors has plans to convert one of its plants for the production of artificial ventilation of the lungs; McLaren is developing a simplified version of such a device, which in a month will be manufactured in large quantities.

Today in Ukraine, revealed 226 cases of coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, recovered 5 people. Five people died. While global statistics are the following: ill – 558 of 700, recovered and 131 667, died 25 355.

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