The rating of the most reliable cars in 2019

The rating of the most reliable cars in 2019

The American Agency J. D. Power has published a list of companies that produce the most reliable and qualitative models. Genesis, KIA and Hyundai were higher Japanese and European brands.

The rating was compiled on the basis of the problems complained of by the drivers in the first three months of ownership. Least likely motorists abused model Genesis for over 100 cars was announced only about 63 problems. In second place was KIA, and closes the top three of the Hyundai. Followed by American companies: Ford, Lincoln and Chevrolet. Japanese brands Toyota and Lexus entrenched in seventh and eighth positions, respectively. All these brands score better than the industry average: 93 detected problems per 100 vehicles.

At the bottom of the ranking is “German Troika” of Mercedes, Audi and BMW and Volvo and Volkswagen. Completing the list of Land Rover and Jaguar.

Expert J. D. Power’s Dave Sargent believes that automakers should pay special attention to multimedia systems and driving assistants. Currently, the Korean brands are the leaders in these fields, which explains their primacy in the ranking of quality and reliability.

However, Sargent noted a trend towards improved infotainment systems from all the brands compared to the previous year. This is largely due to the fact that companies are following the trend for easy to use and intuitive system.

Speaking about the problems faced by the owners of newly purchased cars, Sargent divides them into several categories. The first are local problems, such as failure of lights to the second – difficulties with voice control, and the third is an overrated driver of the possibility of semi-Autonomous systems. As a whole, the percentage of complaints on new cars has decreased over ten years by 14%.

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