The rating of the most reliable crossovers with mileage

The rating of the most reliable crossovers with mileage


The German edition of AUto Bild in cooperation with the organization for technical supervision (TUV) has published a list of the most reliable compact crossovers with mileage, presented on the European market.

In the first place was the Mazda CX-3, sales of which began in 2015. Crossover constructed on the basis of the Mazda2, but surpasses it in technology – model is closer to the older CX-5, proven in Europe, experts say. However, the owners should pay attention to the shock absorbers used car. Next comes the Audi Q3 is built on the same platform as the Volkswagen Tiguan, which received the highest rating TUV. Problem areas Q3 experts attributed the rusting brake discs.

The list also got the Suzuki SX4 S-Cross, which is considered one of the most reliable Japanese SUV, but he have problems with oil consumption. Another model Suzuki that appeared in the German reliability rating is Vitara. Followed by the Opel Mokka X, which was discontinued in the summer of 2019, but is still in demand on the secondary market.


The BMW X1, which has been published since 2009, are robust regardless of the generation, the experts suggest buyers to pay attention to the braking system of the crossover. Similar problems can occur and Mitsubishi ASX.

As for the Renault Captur, it has received high assessment by TUV, the problematic place of the French crossover is a suspension as the first generation Nissan Qashqai. With the emergence of a second generation of model the majority of defects removed. At the end of the list of experts put the MINI Countryman, Renault Kadjar and the Skoda Yeti the second generation.

Most reliability issues were noted, Ford EcoSport, Nissan Juke, Peugeot 2008 and Renault Duster. Especially got used Duster specialists advised to withdraw from the purchase of a crossover with the mileage and purchase new with warranty from the manufacturer.

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