The Real Monster: The New Haval SUV Will Get a Coupe-Like Version

The Real Monster: The New Haval SUV Will Get a Coupe-Like Version


The Haval Monster model (aka Shenshou in China) entered the Chinese market only in November of this year, and Haval is already preparing a coupe-like version – this is confirmed by spy photos of the novelty, which were at the disposal of In the pictures, the crossover is captured with a camouflaged stern, which gives it a cross-coupe. The front design is the same as the production Monster, with a bezel-less grille and narrow LED optics.

In the domestic market of China, Monster is presented in two versions. The first – with a 1.5-liter gasoline engine with 184 horsepower, which is combined with a seven-speed “robot” and front-wheel drive. The second – with a 2.0-liter engine (its output is not specified) and four-wheel drive. It can be assumed that the cross-coupe will get the same power plants, but it will most likely cost more: if for an ordinary Monster they ask from 132 thousand to 169 thousand yuan (20,700-26,500 dollars at the current exchange rate), then the coupe-like version will be one hundred yuan more expensive (by analogy with F7 and F7x).

At the heart of the Monster is the modular LEMON platform, and among the options are the adaptive cruise control with automatic lane change function and a car park that can be activated remotely: it “remembers” the last 50 meters of the path, and then reproduces the trajectory in the opposite ok.

The prospects for the appearance of the model outside of China have not yet been reported.

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